With over 100 clinics across the UK, Mexico, Spain and Gibraltar, DAM Health is one of the World’s largest Covid Travel Testing companies, now diversifying into other areas of the private healthcare industry.

We introduced an omnichannel communication platform for DAM Health to allow them to process around 15,000 customer interactions per day. Creating a digital first customer contact journey with substantial content and automation allows customers to self-serve without any further human intervention.

By introducing an advanced call queueing system with detailed real-time reporting which integrates directly with PowerBI, trends can be quickly identified and addressed across the business. The system also allows remote workers to work from anywhere in the world with full access to all the functionality of the team in head office.

Customer contact journeys are tracked and recorded through channels such as calls, emails, WhatsApp and Live Chat and we are using the latest AI technology to automatically measure quality, monitor performance and detect any red flags.

“Thanks to the introduction of the new processes and omni-channel communication platform, we are now able to process customer queries more efficiently. We can extract detailed reports realtime to understand customer demand and identify trends. The addition and automation of new channels including live chat and emails has helped customers self serve and get the answer they need 24/7.”


Kevin Dryhurst, CEO